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7 Strategies for Developing Capable Students by H. Stephen Glenn, Ph.D. and Michael L. Brock, M.A.

Mrs. Weese - 7th Grade Math

Current Assignments
7th Grade Math Syllabus






                The  7th grade welcomes you to an exciting year. This letter will include information about the 7th grade Mathematics curriculum, required supplies, and behavior expectations. As parents and educators, our jobs are to ensure that our students receive the very best in education. Therefore, please feel free to ask questions and express concerns. Please keep this syllabus to refer to and discuss with your child before asking for a conference.


1. Be prepared

  • Come to class with all of your materials and homework. I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK.
  • Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings, ready for class. That means go to the restroom and get water before class.
  • Always read over and copy the Practice from the whiteboard when class begins.

2. Respect

  • Respect others. No put downs or teasing.
  • Respect property such as the furniture and materials in this classroom. These are our tools.
  • NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO DISRUPT THE LEARNING PROCESS OF OTHERS. If at any time you are uncertain of the appropriateness of your actions, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is it safe?                             Is it respectful?                               Is it my best?

3. Learn

  • You are expected to participate in all educational activities.
  • You are expected to do your personal best.
  • You are responsible for completing and turning in all classwork and practice  assignments, including make-up work if you are absent. It is the student’s  responsibility to follow up on any missed work.
  • You are responsible for your education…..Knowledge is power!

GRADING:  Grades are based on class participation and notes (10%), class assignments and Practice (40%), and quizzes and tests (50%). Special projects will be done throughout the year.

PROGRESS:   Grades are available to view on Aeries. Students receiving a D or F grade will periodically receive a grade report to be taken home and returned with a parent/guardian signature. If returned, the student will receive extra credit. If not, the student will receive a detention. You may request a grade printout at any time; however, using the Aeries parent portal is more effective. Please allow at least 24 hours after your request for a printout.

EXTRA CREDIT:  Generally, I do not offer extra credit. Extra credit is never to be viewed as a last ditch way to avoid failing.

HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION: Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or concerns. You may reach me at 622-4668 ext. 308 or you may leave a message by calling 622-0885 ext. 308. Students should get the telephone numbers of at least 2 other students in the same class so that they may call them if needed.

The best way to reach me is by email at


Practice  is an important factor in retaining the concepts taught here at school. In addition, it can make a difference between success and failure. Even if your child was to get an A on every test, if he/she doesn’t turn in the Practice  he/she may still earn a D or an F by the end of the term.  


Practice is designed to strengthen the skills needed to succeed in the class. When practice  is done, most students feel more confident when it comes to taking the tests.


Practice is generally given Monday through Thursday nights. It is corrected at the beginning of each class period and selected problems will be reviewed. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Practice is worth 4 points. I randomly check 4 out of the 10 assigned problems. Each answer is worth 1 point and is graded as follows:

4 points                              A                            On time, complete, and 100% correct

3 points                               C                            On time but less than 75% correct

2-0 points                F                             50% of the problems are incorrect

LA                                  F                    Practice not done on time, no work shown or incomplete. These cannot be fixed.




Students may “fix” the 4 problems until they are correct. Fixed work is due THE NEXT DAY. When the problems are done, showing all work, of course, I will change the grade. The fixed problems will need to be done on a separate piece of paper SHOWING ALL WORK.

  • If the work is not shown, there will be no credit given.
  • It must be returned to the appropriate bin the following day.
    • If the problems are correct, the student will receive credit.
  • If they are incorrect, no additional credit will be given, but the student may try again to fix it.

I suggest that if a student is unsure of how to do the work, they:

  • First, read the proceeding pages to the assignment and consult their notes. Check the examples as many assigned problems resemble them.
  • Second, do some other problems to see if they are able to do them. Check the answers with the answers that I have provided.
  • Third, ask for assistance from me or a friend. A student may make an appointment with me to meet at lunch by filling out an appointment slip. I also will answer emails when and if I am available. NOT REACHING ME BY EMAIL IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR NOT DOING THE PRACTICE.  The student must always make an attempt to complete the assignment.


AT SCHOOL: Part of growing up is knowing when to ask for help. I will be encouraging students to ask questions at appropriate times and in appropriate ways. Students may make appointments with me by filling out a request and putting it on my desk.


TEXT BOOK: This year we will be using Big Ideas Learning. Your student will also have a workbook to work out of. Assignments will be from both book.


WEBSITES: There are many websites available to enhance a student’s math skills. It is highly recommended that any website be used with parent supervision.